Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Norbit (funnest movie ever)

Let me start off boy saying that this movie is the best I have seen in a long time. Eddie Murphy did a great job in this movie. Playing all thoes roles made the movie the way it is. The other cast did a great job in the movie. The comedy was great. I think that they should change the ratings from PG 13 to rated R. But that is still a great movie.

300 Review

300 Review:
By Katie S.

*** out of 4

300 is an excellent movie that really highlights the strength and violence that defined Spartan life in ancient Greece. What really separated Sparta from other city-states present at the time was their dedication and skill in fighting. From the age of 7 Spartan men were immersed in a world that placed a great importance on being able to fight and defend Sparta.

Although there are some exaggerations (like the overly flamboyant Xerxes) the movie still provides a good historical perspective for those interested in the life and culture of ancient Sparta.

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