Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mizawa! The untold story!

Mizawa(Me-Zah-Wa), the character of my choice. The name and meaning is unknown. However, this character is awesome. Amazing at that. The character will bring truth and justice to Cabrini Connections! Believe it!...No. Just kidding, the character was my choice to choose. Off to the Cabrini Connections Adventure!

Nyshanell's character

My character is a Hello Kitty fairy. I decided to make my character a fairy because every body don't like Kitty's but i do so deal with it. (I also love dogs so yeah).


Game Chracter- Sido Ritsu

My character was made from a sonic advance game base. I made it by taking a sonic advance sprite and customizing it to my own specifications. The reason I made my character how he appears is because I wanted to make something that would be almost impossible to make emotions for in a sprite comic.

Click here to see the game demo