Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Technology Night vs Tech Club

(Blog submitted by EL D'asheon Nix)

This week's traditional Tech Club was altered just a bit. Tech Club's fearless leader, Mike Trakan, was not able to attend the session and a special guest of the Tech Club was unable to make it as well.

So Cabrini Connections' staff EL Da' Sheon Nix and Bradley Troast turned Tech Club into Technology Night. The students who attended the session did not work on their weekly projects, but used the computer and the Internet to catch up on some of their academic work and to check the progress on previous work.

Some of the students then located Internet games such as pool to pass the time during the open session which was a great idea. Instead of playing board games, the group used technology to learn and engage themselves in tonight's session. There were a couple of students and a mentor who usually meet on Wednesday who was present tonight because of a scheduling for tomorrow's session. So with the last 15 minutes of the session, we took the technology one step further and we played a game of Catch Phrase, where the males teamed up against the females. The game is similar to Taboo or charades, but uses a hand held technological devices as the center of the game. After an intense 15 minutes of Catch Phrase the females proved to be no match for us guys.

All in all, Technology Night was a lot of fun and gave the group other ways in which to learn, have fun, and compete all while using TECHNOLOGY!!!

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