Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Game Day #2 - The Sequel - Video Games This Saturday!

Last weekend's Board Game Fundraiser was a lot of fun. We had an enthralling game of Simpson's Clue (I still can't believe that it wasn't Lisa with the necklace in the Bowl-arama)... some Yu-Gi-Oh! card action... a little Scrabble and some Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune.

Good times... Students... Volunteers...Staff... and You... all got together in the name of community, mentoring, and raising money for the Cabrini Madness Tourney!!

But maybe the biggest success of all was the enthusiasm from the 9th grade Tech Club students, who approached my wife and I afterward to critique the way they had marketed the event, analyzing how the poster they designed last week could have been more effective at drawing people to the event.

Specifically they thought the image they chose in the ad didn't make people think "board games."

Lightbulbs were popping on, up over their heads.

What if we took the lessons we learned, and hosted a more tech-oriented "Video Game Fundraiser" for the people who couldn't make it last week... and...

What if we promoted it better? With images that screamed "video games"... They were learning... they are excited about advocating for their cause... and they wanted another shot at it.

So, without further ado... using the lessons the kids learned, and a new poster design they put together tonight in Tech Club, I invite you to:

Game Night #2 The Sequel - Video Games!
A fundraiser for Cabrini Connections Mentoring.

Stop by and say hi... and kick some Guitar Hero butt.

$5 donation, any time 1-6pm. Bring some food or drinks to share, if you like.

(Click on the flyer we designed in Tech Club - that image above - for more details!)

If you cannot make it but want to donate to the cause... http://www.giveforward.org/tems

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