Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tech Club so far...

Hello everyone! This is Charles Hill here, student at Cabrini Connection and currently involved in Cabrini Connection's Tech Club. Our latest project has been a year long project called: "Cabrini Connections Adventure" our working title. The game uses several characters from Cabrini Connections, the Tech Club group, and also people outside of Cabrini Connections like politicians. The Tech Club group has been led by our Coordinator Mike Trakan, while we've been using the skills of Photoshop and Scratch to create our game. During the Year-End Dinner, Mike and I presented the demo for the game, featuring our Tech Club character Nyshanell Freeman. There are still a few "bugs" that need to be fixed, and as soon as they're fixed we'll proceed with more characters in the game. A link to the playable demo will be along with this post. We'll keep you updated along the way.


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