Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The summer so far...

Tech Club's summer has been an interesting one...we started the summer with the Year-End Dinner, which was an excellent presentation of the Cabrini Connections Adventure. It showed what people could be looking forward to by the time we're done. Other details to the Year-End Dinner can be seen here.

This summer in Tech Club, we've made a flier for the Tutor/Mentor Jam. Sean Mayfield was the person who worked on the flier and a few words from him are: "When we made the flier, we decided on how the background would look and what information from the Tutor/Mentor Jam would incorporate into this. So, in the following weeks I worked on the flier and it was a success."

We've introduced new student Avery and returning student Savon. Avery's been with the Tech Club group for a few weeks now, however he's already propelling himself into the world of Technology. In his own words Avery explains: "My name is Avery Harris, I'm currently starting my Freshmen year of high school and love working with technology. I decided to join Tech Club, so that it would help me learn more about technology, and I am really enjoying it." We are really enjoying  Avery's company and he fits right in with the Tech Club group.

A few words from our returning Tech Club member Savon Clark, which in his own words he talks about the future of Tech Club: "Moving on Tech Club will continue its main project of the Cabrini Connections Adventure, however there will be a few side projects that will help progress our game along the way and will help us fix the "bugs" or "glitches" that have appeared in our game.

Also!  As the new school year starts we will be learning about Variables, in the context of Technology, and will continue our work on the Cabrini Connections Adventure. More updates will be brought to you soon!

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